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Community Stories


Amplifying Black community voices in all their diversity and intersections through first-person, story-telling resources that document the experiences and resistance to anti-Black racism. 

About the project

This study focuses on the experiences of Black folks with anti-Black racism while navigating the Canadian healthcare system. The stories will provide a deeper understanding of anti-Black racism in the Canadian healthcare system but also document strategies of resistance and wellness. 

The goal of the project is to advocate and innovate practices to improve Black health in Canada. A documentary will be produced from the interviews which will be publicly available. Themes from the stories will be used to produce written materials which will be shared and available online. 



The research findings will be accessible for use within academia and similar institutions as well as for community-based organizations.


In-person video-recorded interviews were conducted with participants in three provinces during the spring of 2023. We worked with videographer  Moses Latigo of Kigaana Productions who filmed the interviews and will be producing the documentary.


Winnipeg, Manitoba



Nova Scotia




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