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About Us.

Our Mission

Transform medical and health professional education to improve the health of Black communities across Canada. 

We are Black scholars and practitioners committed to transforming medical and health professional education in service of improved health of Black communities across Canada. 

We address anti-Black racism and the interlocking systems that impact the health and wellbeing of Black communities across Canada

We draw on long histories of community and academic scholarship, activism and resistance from Black, critical race theory, queer, feminist, anti/decolonial traditions

We understand Black health and Black life as intricately connected to the places and spaces in which we live, work, love, play, worship and resist

Who We Are

Our Values


We value Blackness and Black Life

We value integrity and navigate our work with courage

We value ways of knowing rooted in Black and Africentric knowledges

We value innovation in learning and teaching 

We value autonomy and self-determination of Black peoples
We value commitment and collaboration as integral to building relationships and sustaining action over the long-term to achieve racial justice

Meet Our Team

The Black Health Education Collaborative is a
pan-Canadian initiative

Our board members and staff are from various institutions across the country - University of Calgary, Dalhousie University, University of Manitoba, and the University of Toronto.



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