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Anti-Black Racism & Black Health Competencies


About the project

Anti-Black Racism & Black Health Competencies addresses the exclusion of Black health and anti-Black racism in health professional education curricula through the creation of a core competencies framework.


The Competencies Framework is a multi-phase project to develop competency statements and learning objectives on anti-Black racism and Black Health. Through an iterative and stakeholder-informed process, the framework has yielded competency themes and learning objectives which will inform competency and curricular development nationally.

A competency framework on anti-Black racism and Black health will contribute to improving the health of Black people in Canada by: 

  • Supporting the development of an anti-racist health care workforce;

  • Encouraging health care service delivery centred around anti-racist and anti-oppressive practice;

  • Catalyzing a movement within faculties of medicine to teach this content;

  • Stimulate students to learn about Black health in a Canadian context to improve their practice in serving their patients/clients; and

  • Setting a Canadian standard with the potential to influence the standards across medical professions, public health, and allied health care.

The Black Health Education Collaborative’s anti-Black racism and Black health Competencies Framework can be tailored for practitioners, learners, and educators across different disciplines. 

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