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Our Work

Interested in learning more about our work? Learn more about our five active projects below.


Community Stories: Black People’s Experiences with Anti-Black Racism in the Canadian Healthcare System

Amplifying Black community voices in all their diversity and intersections through first-person, story-telling resources that document the experiences and resistance to anti-Black racism to help advocate and innovate practices to improve Black health in Canada. 

Email to learn more or if you are interested in participating. View our recruitment poster here

Black Health Primer

The Black Health Primer is a course on Black health and anti-Black racism developed for medical and health students, faculty, and educators. The Black Health Primer is a multi-module online resource anchored in critical race theory and will be accessible across Canada in English and French. This course seeks to advance knowledge in and promote dialogue about the critical issue of anti-Black racism and its impact on health.


Anti-Black Racism and Black Health Competencies

BHEC’s Anti-Black Racism and Black Health competencies contain eight competency themes and nineteen learning objectives on Anti-Black Racism and Black Health. This project aims to address a gap in the Canadian health education curriculum by promoting actions that disrupt anti-Black racism.

Community of Practice

BHEC is launching a Community of Practice focused on bringing together educators in health disciplines within Canada who are actively engaged in teaching and addressing anti-Black racism within health curricula and practice. In recognition that anti-Black racism continues to be pervasive within health education, we see a need to create a community of practice to connect educators across the nation and build capacity and networks amongst those doing this critical work.

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Situational Assessment

We recently conducted a situational assessment to identify the degree of inclusion of anti-Black racism in medical and public health education in Canada, existing resources, and assets beneficial for Black Health Education Collaborative offerings.  The results of the situational assessment made it increasingly clear that adequate and appropriate knowledge on Black health and anti-Black racism remain largely absent and/or inconsistent in medical and public health curricula across Canada.

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